Urban Fox Control

Vermtek delivers a complete solution for all urban fox problems

Foxes have been present in the United Kingdom since before the last ice age. Since humans have taken over most of their habitat, some have evolved (very successfully) to become commensal pests. Our role is to work with our customers to work out the most effective way to prevent these foxes spreading disease, damaging gardens and attacking pets.

We have a range of solutions to remove problem foxes, some lethal, some non-lethal. Vermtek has specially trained technicians who will come to your home or business, build a control plan and deliver it in partnership with you.

As with several of our other specialist services, our approach is simple. we look at the energy the pest is gaining from being on your land against the amount of energy it needs to expend to be there. When we know this, we minimise the gains they have and maximise the effort it takes. This then makes it an undesirable place for the foxes to live, breed and damage.

Non-Lethal Solutions:

  • -Proofing
  • -Waste Control
  • -Habitat Management
  • -Behavioural Changes

All of these can have a significant impact on fox populations, however sometimes the foxes need to be initially removed from site and then changes made to prevent future infestations.

Because urban foxes have become commensal pests (reliant on humans), we do not feel that it is ethical to move a urban fox into a rural environment and release it. This will lead to foxes either starving or predating on livestock.