Agricultural Pests
What you can do
  • Look at your land, livestock and buildings with a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ every day.

    Get to know your pest populations and where they might cause you problems.

  • Adopt a ‘prevention is better than cure’ mentality!

    Remove or prevent access to resources.

Agricultural pest facts
  • We use the term ‘agricultural pest’ to cover a broad range of species that cause problems specific to agricultural businesses. This can include (but not limited to) species that:

    reduce crop yields

    damage or consume harvested crops

    contaminate harvested crops with pathogens

    directly or indirectly threaten the life or health of livestock (as a predator or biohazard)

    damage farm machinery.

  • For these reasons, some of the main species that require control are:

    rabbits, deer, stored product insects, rodents, foxes, pest bird species, moles, flies.

  • Pests can threaten agricultural businesses in ways you might not expect:

    A horse turned out in a field with a rabbit warren can trap and break a leg.

    Unregulated deer populations with high TB infection levels travel vast distances spreading TB to cattle.

    Autumn flies (Musca Autumnalis) land on the faces of livestock and use their ‘teeth’ to stimulate the flow of tears; this can lead to infection and loss of the eye

If you have a problem with agricultural pests, we will...
  • Get to know your environment and operations.
  • Identify the pest species and extent of the infestation.

    Employ specialist control methods. For example, we can offer:

    fully-licensed use of firearms and night vision, ferreting, the latest trapping innovations.

  • Offer you training for self-delivery.
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