About us


Founded in 2008 by Charlie Hancock, Vermtek has grown into a successful UK-wide pest management business serving commercial, public sector and residential customers.

From the outset we have concentrated on working collaboratively with our clients, using and developing the latest innovations in our industry. Our commitment to innovation means that we use the latest technology and know-how to treat pests quickly and effectively, minimising our environmental impact and mindful of everyone’s health and safety.


Solution-focused delivery

We like to focus on solutions, not problems. This means creating and maintaining a pest-free environment. Our aim is always to help prevent pest activity before it occurs by working with our clients.

Innovation & research

We are committed to finding innovative ways to deliver our customers pest management solutions that support the environment and promote safe practice.

Personal approach

We combine the responsiveness of a small business with the resources of a national network and pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients.

Our approach to pest management is focused on both removing the pest and preventing recurrence. So, as well as responding to the infestation, we provide guidance on how to address the environment that attracts pests. Our aim is simple – to give you a pest free property.

As well as providing straightforward solutions to common pest problems, we offer alternative services such as: falconry, dog scent detection, heat treatments, and drone technology for managing and surveying hard-to-reach areas. We are constantly seeking to provide our customers with more efficient and effective pest management solutions.


Driven by innovation, we can reduce costs by concentrating on preventative methods and support the environment by promoting safe practice and minimising chemical use. Our focus today remains to work closely with the businesses and individuals that we serve to find a solution that works for them.


Vermtek is committed to environmental protection and minimising the impact that our activities have on the environment. We have been awarded ISO 14001, and are active members of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use. We work with the British Beekeepers Association and have a strict rehoming policy for bees.

Wherever possible, we use non-toxic bait and make changes to habitat and/or housekeeping to control pests, rather than relying on repeated chemical applications.


PestPortal is an online, paperless facility that we have built to allow you to track the service you receive from us. We developed PestPortal in response to our customers’ need for quick and easy access to all aspects of our service. By creating the software ourselves, we can tailor it to each customer’s requirements.

You can use PestPortal to view reports and recommendations and it is fully compliant with Environmental Health requirements.We guarantee that all our technicians are trained in COSHH and making risk assessments.

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