Newbury Pest Control

Vermtek operates a local self-delivery unit to support our national delivery model.

Newbury’s diverse range of shops and local businesses provide us with plenty to think about from a pest control point of view! We like to work collaboratively with our customers to team up and manage pests as a consortium, where several buildings in a location might be experiencing the same problem. This helps us find the root cause of infestations and manage them effectively, minimising the costs for everyone involved.

In Newbury, we most frequently come across rats and mice in winter, and ants and wasps in summer. But no pest is too unusual, including foreign or invasive species such as scorpions, spiders, lizards and other insects. If you’d like advice on an unusual pest you have found, you can call us for free advice or email us a picture.

Our self-delivery team covers all locations in Newbury, including:

  • Snelsmore
  • Curridge
  • Thatcham
  • Donnington
  • Speen
  • Newtown
  • Heads Hill
  • Headley
  • Bagnor